Volunteer Halton believes that volunteerism is an essential element in creating and maintaining a healthy and caring community.
The Training and Consulting program offers professional development opportunities in the area of Volunteer Management. We design and deliver interactive workshops with grassroots organizations in mind.

Whether you are a volunteer overseeing other volunteers, a manager of volunteers or a program manager with additional responsibilities for volunteers, we give you the volunteer management tools, resources and support you will need to recruit, oversee, support and recognize this invaluable resource.

Managing volunteers is both an art and a science. The job demands a wide range of skills with a high level of complexity. Regardless of the size of the organization, it is vital to ensure that individuals responsible for volunteers have the necessary skills, experience and support to do the job well.

Many organizations have a paid staff person responsible for volunteer management while in others, the role is filled by a volunteer. The person designated to manage the volunteer program is responsible for an essential element of the organization’s human resources. This section of the website is designed to assist the person responsible for the management of volunteers. Here are some resources to help you manage the volunteers who support your organization’s cause.


Volunteer Management Training Topics

Recruitment Strategies

Interviewing Volunteers

Volunteer Screening and Risk Management

Volunteer Orientation and Training

Volunteer Program Evaluation

Volunteer Engagement and Retention

Volunteer Program Development

Trends and Issues in the Sector


Consultation Services

Interested in designing solutions for your organization?

Through its consultation program, Volunteer Halton works one-on-one with local nonprofit organizations to enhance and strengthen their volunteer programs and build capacity for effective volunteer involvement. Consultations are customized to meet the needs of the organization and typically include the following:

  • Working closely with the nonprofit organization to develop and customize the consultation and assessment tools
  • Review of operational documents of the organization
  • Interviews with key individuals within the organization
  • Collection, collation and analysis of data
  • Creation of summary report and recommendations to assist the organization in developing strategies to effectively involve volunteers
  • Review meeting with organization to share key findings & recommendations.

Consultations vary depending on the needs of the organization. Volunteer Halton is able to provide consultative services to nonprofit organizations on areas such as:

  • Developing Policies and Procedures for Volunteer Involvement
  • Volunteer Program Assessments
  • Strategic Planning and Positioning of Volunteer Programs
  • Developing Targeted Recruitment Plans
  • Volunteer Job Design and Position Descriptions
  • Developing Training and Orientation plans and strategies for your volunteer program
  • Recognition plans and strategies for your volunteer program

The proposed project fee is based on the time, resources and expertise required to complete the Volunteer Involvement Assessment.

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