Senior ambassador 650pxA good philosophy in life about giving is, "if you can, you should." Volunteering is different for everyone. For some it is the sense of satisfaction of giving back to their community. Developing new friendships or expanding their circle of friends, it makes YOU feel good. Maybe your family has been impacted with a disease and you have been supported by a volunteer and now you want to give back.  You believe what you’re doing will make a difference with the person you’re helping… Volunteering keeps your mind active… You may volunteer to use your skills to help someone. It may be to go out of the house or to feel the joy of helping someone who has not had the opportunity as you have had. Everyone has a different reason to give back to their community and they are all the right reasons.

Reasons to Volunteer

• Share your talents, skills and life experience
• Learn new skills
• Expand your knowledge of your community
• Meet new people
• Stay active
• Spend time with family (i.e give back to grandchildren's school)
• Travel to volunteer abroad

Health Benefits of Volunteering

The act of being of service and exchanging positive energy with another human is a psychological and emotional win-win. Feel-good hormones may be released when a person sees a direct positive result from their good deeds.
• Volunteering contributes to active aging; physically, emotionally and cognitively
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Reduce isolation
• Increase self esteem
• Get Connected

How to Start Volunteering

Ask yourself:
• Why do I want to volunteer…. What is the reason I want to volunteer?
• What is my passion?
• What are my interests, skills?
• Do I want to volunteer with others or prefer to volunteer as an individual (i.e. library, office assistant)
• What issues are in my community that I would like to help with?
• What experience do I want to have?